Management by hope?

Control your business.

Anticipate your performance with Budgeting.

For executives and financial managers.

Plan your revenues
and expenses

Plan your revenues
and expenses

Monitor your actual

Monitor your actual

Understand and control
your business

Understand and control
your business

  • Features

  • Rich dashboard

    customizable dashboard lets you
    take a quick look into your company’s
    performance and KPIs

  • Mobile access

    gain access to your information
    anytime, anywhere

  • You’re in control

    full flexibility concerning the structure of
    your financial statements, clients and
    other items

  • Automated integrations

    connect the solution with
    existing ERP and CRM systems

  • Micro to macro

    different levels of data detail are available
    for different business functions

  • Cloud or private

    various implementations that suit
    different business requirements

Items Demo
(45 days)
Basic Advanced Private
Yearly / monthly / by client
Full flexibility
Advanced reporting, graphical overview
Import, export to Excel
Multiple countries optional
Multiple profit centers optional
Local implementation
Modifications and upgrades
Price free 49€ / month 395€ / month from 695€ / month
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“The Budgeting solution has proven to be
invaluable for running our diversified business.”

Miha Žerko
Chairman of the Board, SRC d.o.o.

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